Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ribbon Tree

Ribbons seem to be quite the hype lately in the DIY world.  I've seen ribbon wreaths, ornaments, frames, etc.  A friend of mine brought me a Michael's booklet with an adorable ribbon tree inside.  She said it was right up my alley... she knows me pretty well!  I couldn't wait to get started on this project. There wasn't directions on the booklet, so after one failed attempt- I think I got it right.  

Styrofoam cone (mine was the smallest size that came in a pack of 2 from Michaels)
2 spools of gross-grain ribbon (I used red and green)
Hot glue
Additional festive ribbon for bow

1. Cut 4 inch strips of red and green ribbon (I cut the whole spool)
2. Fold ribbon in half. Then move the top piece down a bit, so you can see both ends.  Put hot glue on the top of the ribbon, make sure to get glue on both ends.  
3. Starting from the bottom, hot glue the ribbon to the cone. When you glue your second piece, overlap the ribbon just a bit.  This will prevent the white part of the cone from showing.  You can make a pattern with your ribbon, I chose to alternate the red and green. 
4.  Cover entire cone with ribbon.  
5. Finish it off with a festive bow.  

Happy Crafting!  

This was my first attempt.  I glued the ribbon to a piece of ribbon and wrapped it around the cone.  The ribbon spread when I wrapped it and showed the white cone.  Lesson learned.

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