Monday, October 3, 2011

Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon wreaths have been popping up all over Pinterest lately.  I made this ribbon wreath about a month ago for the start of football season.  I never got around to post it, which is why it's just coming to you now. There are tons of tutorials out there for ribbon wreaths.  I didn't use just one, I searched for a while and used bits and pieces from many tutorials.  The difference between mine and many others is that I didn't use as much ribbon.  My pieces are wide and thick.  Doing it this way saved me money on ribbon and time.  For this wreath I used 2 spools of the yellow and green satin ribbon and 1 spool of the football ribbon.  I cut everything in 3-4inch pieces.  Then, I hot glued the ends together to form a circle.   After the glue was dried, I pinned them onto my styrofoam wreath.  I used a lot of little pins for this project.  I also tried my best to line up the ribbon in rows, it made it easier to pin. 
 About 2 weeks after I hung this on my front door, I decided it needed more.  So I painted wooden letters green, hot glued them to a wooden football (already painted) and glued the football to leftover ribbon.  GO BULLS!  
Happy Football Season! 

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