Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY Bow Board

Here is another project from Avery's nursery.  I already made a bow holder, but that didn't fit all of the flowers and bows she has.  So, I decided to make a bow board to hang on the back of her bedroom door.  

1 canvas (mine was 16x20)
Fabric to cover canvas
staple gun
spray adhesive
Fabric Pen

I started with my canvas and fabric. 

I ironed my fabric to get all of the creases out. 

Next, I laid my fabric on the ground and put the canvas on top.  

I left about 1 1/2 to 2 inches around all of the sides of the canvas and cut the extra fabric. 

Then, get your spray adhesive and spray the entire canvas front with it.  

Place your fabric on top of the canvas.  Smooth out any bumps or lines. 

Next, use your staple gun to staple the fabric on the back of the canvas.  I made sure to pull tight enough to keep the fabric smooth.  Continue doing that around all four sides of the canvas. 

Now, your board is done.  All you need to do now is create a place to hang the bows.  

I measured the length of my canvas (after deciding which way I wanted it to hang on the door).  

I marked the distance I wanted to put each piece of ribbon.  I think I did mine about 3 inches apart.  The mark below is the width of the ribbon, so I knew exactly where to put it. 

Cut the amount of ribbon you'll need.  I measured mine about 18 inches and cut 5 pieces.

After that, staple the ribbon to the back of the canvas on both ends.  

Trim off any excess ribbon or fabric.  

Ta da- you have your bow board.  You can hang it with ribbon or place it on hooks, like I did.  

Fill it with bows and you're good to go! 


  1. SO cute! I hope I'm having a baby girl so that I can make cute stuff like this!

  2. This is such a cute and creative storage idea. My clips are all shoved in a basket right now. I might need to re-think that.

  3. Adorable. My sister needs this for her little girl. I would love if you linked them up to Show Off Monday @


  4. Girl, you make it look so easy!! We will see! I will need to start this project soon!! Thx for step by step!!!


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