Monday, July 9, 2012

Nursery Door Sign

One of the last projects for Avery's nursery was a sign for the door.  I knew I wanted to do something in pink & grey.  I also knew I wanted an A or her name on it and I have loved the saying above for a while now.  Lots of people have this sort of sign on their front door.  But, I'm not too comfortable with announcing that I have a baby in my house so on the nursery door it goes!

plywood (I bought mine at JoAnn's for $1, I think it's 12x12)
acrylic paint
paint brush
Mod Podge
scrapbook paper
cricut or letter stickers

Start with the plain piece of plywood

This is how thin the plywood is. 

I painted the back of the board grey.  I applied 2 coats and finished it off with a layer of Mod Podge. 

After that, I gathered my scrapbook paper.  I put a larger piece of the grey polka dot on the top of the wood and a smaller piece of the pink polka dots on the bottom.  I measured the paper, trimmed it and adhered it with Mod Podge to the unpainted side of the sign.  Make sure when using Mod Podge, that there aren't any bubbles under the paper.  

Next, I used my Cricut to cut the letters for the "You Wake Her, You Take Her" portion of the sign.  I adhered the letters with Mod Podge.  Make sure to center them first before you glue them on.  After that, I used a piece of chip board for the A, which was already cut.  I covered it with grey paper and glued it on top of the pink center.   Once the bottom layers of Mod Podge are dry, apply a layer or two to the top to seal it.  

To finish it off, I added a piece of white ribbon to separate the pink & grey.  I hot glued the ribbon to the back of the sign to keep it straight.  I also added ribbon to the top in order to hang it from a hook.


  1. Thanks for the comments. I absolutely adore Home Goods. We just got one here in my town just recently too. I am sure you are on pins and needles for it to arrive.

    Anyways, I love LOVE the door sign you made. I am so going to make this for my little one.As you can tell I am totally into DIY so this will be on my list for sure.



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