Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Burlap Wreath

1 3/4 yards of black burlap
1 wire hanger
festive ribbon
glue gun

Cut the burlap into 4 inch strips.  Make sure to cut them the same length, I just eyeballed it and it was obvious.  
Make the wire hanger into a circle.  Just unhook the top of the hanger, shape it into a circle and wait to rehook the top. 
Thread the burlap through the hanger.  I folded it back and forth to create a ripple effect.  Keep going, using all of your strips of burlap or until your wreath is full. 

 Rehook the top of the hanger.  I folded the hook park of the hanger down and hid it behind the burlap.  

 I finished off the wreath with an orange and black bow.  You can find tons of online tutorials on making bow, this is my favorite.  I just hot glued the bow to the burlap.

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