Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Banner

Scrap Paper (I used 3 pieces of polkadot) 
Scrap Letters or Printer Letters 

I started with 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper (they came in a pack)
I used 7 sheets, one for a template and 6 for the banner

Next, I made a template with my extra sheet. 
I would recommend using a scrap sheet of paper instead of wasting a good sheet of paper. 
I folded it down the middle first.  
Then, I cut up from the bottom corners until it met in the middle.  

I used this piece to trace the rest for the banner. 

Next, I printed out the word spring on my computer. 
 I created 4x4 squares in Photoshop and my letters were about 3 inches. 
You could easily buy scrap letters or use a Cricut if you have one.  
I find printing it to be the quickest way for me. 

I trimmed the squares to fit on top of each banner piece.  
I made sure all the squares were the same size. 
Then, I took the banner pieces and folded them down about a half inch from the top. 

I glued the letter pieces onto the banner flags. 

To hang it up, I used yarn.  
I measured enough for the entire banner with room at both ends. 
Then, I folded the top of the banner flags over the yarn and hot glued it closed.  
Make sure you are gluing the letters in the correct order.  
I did them backwards the first time!

After you've done this for each flag, you're done. 
Display your work with pride.  

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