Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dr Pepper BBQ Ribs {Crockpot Recipe}

One thing you won't find in our house is soda.  We don't drink very often.  If we do, it's on an out to eat night and a fountain soda.  A few weeks ago after AG's birthday party we had tons of soda leftover.  Since I knew we wouldn't drink it all, I decided to cook with it.  It had been over a year since I made ribs for dinner, so that is what i decided on.  I knew hubs would be thrilled with my decision. 

 I found lots of recipes for Dr. Pepper Ribs online but none in the crock pot that I had all the ingredients for.  I decided to create my own and I have to say, this one was a success. 
Hubs over and over again praised them while devouring every last bit.  He would take a bite, look at me and say "wow, these are really good". Over and over again.  My toddler even had her fair share.  Hubs has already requested these again, I'm sure we will be having our fair share this football season.  Enjoy! 

2 1/2 cups of Dr. Pepper
2-4 lbs of baby back ribs
1-2 cups of BBQ sauce (sweet baby rays is our go to)
salt, pepper, chili powder

Create a rub with equal parts of the salt, pepper and chili powder.  I used about 1/2 tsp of each.  Rub it on the meat. 
Cut ribs into sections of about 2-3.  
Place ribs in a crock pot (I make sure to spray with cooking oil first). 
Add 2 cups of the Dr. Pepper (reserve remaining 1/2 cup)
Cook on low for 7-8 hours.  
Drain the Dr. Pepper leaving ribs still in the crock pot. 
Mix the BBQ sauce with the remaining Dr. Pepper.  
Brush sauce mixture over ribs and cook for another 30-45 minutes.  

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  1. Hi Leah,

    Yesterday I tried the ribs.

    Because I had to work long hours, they had been in the slow cooker nearly 14 hours when they were finally done.

    When I ate my dinner it was like I died and went to heaven and heaven was made out of Dr Pepper Ribs and Potato Cubes with Garlic Butter.

    Thank you for posting such an amazing recipe

  2. this recipe is good i use it a lot, but I grill the ribs after 8 hours in the crock pot.... and I also use Sweet Baby Rays too of course

  3. If you take about half the rack and slap your husband across the face with it, it makes them taste better.

    1. I apologize, but I think this is the best response. So many times when I spend precious time working on a recipe, my husband picks it apart. Thank you for the laugh (and idea).

  4. SOOOOO GOOD!! my new go to formula for ribs in the crock pot!

  5. What about using diet dr pepper

    1. I've never tried it with diet but I don't think it would be any different

  6. Trying this out tonight, just got 'em going in the crock. I see someone else uses the Sweet Baby Rays one I have tasted out of a bottle.

    I'm looking forward to these as I am a Dr Pepper addict!

  7. I am trying this recipe for dinner this evening! But I am using Head Country BBQ Sauce. I hope they turn out as good as everyone is saying!!

  8. A good friend of mine suggested I try this... It is now a staple in my house and will be complimentary entree for today's Thanksgiving meal. I must say that I cheat and add everything into the crockpot at once. One can seams to be sufficient. I like to use the Dr. Pepper with natural sugar. It seems to go very well with Sweet Baby Rays.

  9. I did a test run in preparation for a holiday lunch I'm hosting. The taste was great! My ribs were dry tho- any thoughts on why? I made some modifications based on my work schedule: the night before, I put the rub on the ribs, put the ribs in the crockpot which went into the fridge overnight. The next morning, I took the crockpot out of the fridge, let it rest ~1 hour (so it wouldn't be so cold), added the Dr. Pepper then cooked it on Low for 8 hours. The ribs then sat on Warm ~3-4 hours. I followed the rest of the directions to the tee. The ribs weren't fully covered with the Dr. Pepper when they were cooking for 8 hours, could that have been it? Else maybe the ribs weren't as fresh (I purchased them 3 days before the Sell By date) They were also totally fall off the bone...any thoughts you have are appreciated! And thanks for sharing the recipe!

    1. Not being covered completely AS WELL as leaving them on warm for 3 to 4 hours is for sure what did it.

  10. Making these now, for a late mothers day dinner. Will let you know how they turn out, didn't oil up the Crockpot though, hopefully they don't stick.

  11. Have used Dr pepper for my slow ribs for years. I like to use a less sweet sauce at the end such as Stubbs BBQ sauce with the Dr Pepper. A little Cayenne and paprika also adds to rub

  12. I made these and they were delicious! I also use sweet baby rays. I use a crockpot liner, super easy cleanup and don't stick.

  13. I wanted so bad to try your recipe...I got all the ingredients together (to measure later)....well, as I was also cooking on the pit and a few people brought a few other cuts of meat they wanted cooked I had forgotten all about this, on one of my fast trips into the house I cut the ribs in half stuck them in the crock and covered up the ribs to about 1/2" from the top, set on high...again forgot about them till all the meats came off the grill about four hours later.
    They were gone in 30 seconds...I got a small sliver left to taste and they were great!
    Anyway, thanks for the idea and tomorrow I am attempting your recipe...the whole thing. I hope I get some this time.


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