Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Box of Sunshine Gift

Something I love to do is give gifts. I love making others happy and letting those closest to me know I'm thinking about them. Recently, I had a close friend who had been on my mind day in and out. She had been going through a tough time and I wished over and over I lived closer to be able to bring her a cup of coffee and some sweet treats. And a big hug too! 

I decided that even though I wasn't close enough to hand deliver something, I could do the next best thing and send a thinking of you gift. I've seen these sweet boxes of sunshine on Pinterest and decided that would make the perfect gift. A bright and colorful gift to bring a smile to her face and let her know I was thinking of her. 

While I was out and about at Target and the grocery store, I picked up all things yellow. Everything that I could find that I thought would ship well and bring a little joy. After I did my shopping, I put everything in a box and made a printable to go with the gift. 

I packaged everything up and sent the love on it's way. Below you'll find the free printable along with the items I included in the box along with some more ideas of things you could include. Enjoy! 

Box of sunshine contents: 
Yellow (pineapple) candle
lemon wine cork
yellow EOS lip balm
Lemon & Ginger tea
Juicy Fruit
Swedish Fish

Other items that you could include in a box of sunshine: 
Peanut M&M's 
Yellow Nailpolish
Post it notes
Hand Soap
Hand Lotion
Lemonade mix 
Milk Duds
Oh Henry Bar
Mr. Goodbar 

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