Monday, January 31, 2011

Tag Blanket

I had seen a bunch of tag blankets posted on the weekly link up parties I follow.  A good friend of mine just had a baby boy and I knew it would be the perfect thing to make for him.  It didn't seem too hard and the supplies were pretty cheap. There are a bunch of fabulous tutorials I came across when looking into how to make the blanket.  The one I found most helpful was from Sumo's Sweet Stuff.  I would definitely recommend visiting her blog.  I find so many creative ideas on there. The only thing I changed from her tutorial was using a 12 1/2 inch piece of fabric instead of 15 inches. I thought mine was the prefect size when it was done.  The embroidery probably took me longer than making the actual blanket!  


  1. I was thinking about getting an embroidery machine and was wondering what kind/brand you have!?! The blanket is too cute!

  2. Connor loves his tag blanket!!! XOXO


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