Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wine Cork Monogram

I'm not sure what I did before the days of Pinterest.  I love all of the ideas I've found during the countless hours I've spend on there.  This is one of those ideas I pinned onto my MAKE IT board. You can find the original project here.  I couldn't wait to make this wine cork initial.  I'm currently doing lots of work on our kitchen and knew this would be the perfect addition.  The whole project took me just over an hour.  And...I LOVE how it came out.  This would also make a great gift (wedding or housewarming).  

What You Need: 
Glue Gun
Wine Corks
Knife or Scissors
Wood Initial (found mine at Michael's) 
Craft Paint
Paint Brush

How To Do It: 

Start with your wooden letter.  You can choose to leave it white if that will match your decor.  My kitchen doesn't have any white, therefore I decided to paint mine black. 

Gather lots of wine corks. I saved mine and had some saved from my wedding projects.  
 The H took 35-40 corks, cut in half.  

Paint the letter.  I used black craft paint.  I painted 2 coats on the back of the H and one coat on the front because it will be covered in corks.  Let the paint dry.  

Cut the wine corks in half.  I thought the H would look weird if I used full corks.  I didn't want it to stick out really far if I hung it on the wall.  So I used a knife and cut them in half.  Hot glue the corks onto the letter.  Line up each row to make sure it fits before you start gluing.  Cover the entire letter.  

I had to cut a few corks at the bottom in order to cover the entire H.  Let the glue dry and display your great work! 


  1. What a FUN idea for a birthday present for my moma! She has been collecting corks to do something but not sure what now i know what i'll do with all hers :) thanks for sharing girl! hope things are going good!

  2. that turned out great! it is amazing that you are actually making some of the creations I have "thought about" doing for some time... maybe just maybe you will inspire me to actually get to work :)

  3. so adorable. will soon as this baby starts letting me sleep!

  4. omg, that looks fabulous!! I am TOTALLY doing this.... now... off to drinking lots of wine!

  5. This looks great. I am following you now. I can't wait to check out your other creations.

  6. love this! i love wine cork creations! i have a few too. i need to drink more wine to make some more. :)

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