Thursday, July 28, 2011

Binky Clips

Binky clips have been on my to do list for months now.  It's one of those things that I had never been able to get around to.  Usually, because another project came up.  But, the upcoming birth of Brittney's baby boy gave me the  motivation I needed.  I followed the tutorial over at Seven Sisters.  These were so so easy to make.  I'm kicking myself for not making them sooner.  I could have added them to many many baby shower gifts.  I especially love how the ribbons are interchangeable.  So, all you really need is one paci and one clip for each gift with a bunch of different ribbons.  One for every day of the week if you wish.  The options are endless.  

One Inch Ribbon
Iron on velcro 
Mitten clips 

Measure and cut your Ribbon. I used heat to seal the ends.  
Place sticky side of velcro onto ribbon, turn ribbon over and iron on.
Make sure to leave enough room between the velcro for the binki and clip to fit. You'll end up with two pieced of velcro on each side of the ribbon.  
That's it, plain and simple! 

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