Monday, July 4, 2011

White Chocolate Strawberries and Pretzels...July 4th

I saw some cute July 4th creations on Pinterest and decided to recreate them for our party last night.  These two creations were easy to prepare before hand.  All you need is a double boiler and white baking chips.  I melted the baking chips and started with the pretzels.  I dip, twirled and sprinkled.  I laid them on wax paper to dry.  They're as easy as that! Put them in a glass vase for the prefect presentation.  

For the strawberries, I used the remaining white chocolate.  I dipped them and held them up for  a minute to harden a bit.  Then I dipped them into a bowl of blue sprinkles.  After that, I laid them on wax paper to harden.  The key to getting the blue sprinkles to stick is not dipping the strawberry directly into the sprinkles after the white chocolate.  Give it about 20 seconds to harden and then dip.  Enjoy!

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