Monday, December 12, 2011

Wine Cork Magnets

The theme of my kitchen is wine.  You won't find all the grapes and vine decorations but you will find lots of wine bottles and corks.  I wine. I'm always looking for DIY wine projects for the kitchen.  While cleaning up all of the baby announcements from my fridge a few weeks ago, a light bulb went off.  How cute would everything look on our fridge with wine coke magnets?  I knew I had strips of magnets in my classroom...and there is no shortage of wine corks in this house.  And that (along with some hot glue) is all I needed to create these easy & cute magnets.  

wine corks
hot glue

Cut cork in half with knife (the sharper the better)
Hot glue the magnet onto the back (flat side) of the cork. I had long strips of magnets I had to cut in half.   
Let it dry & put it on the fridge!  


  1. Very cute! I have so many laying around I should at least make one or two!

  2. Leah,

    Do you have a link to your Pinterest? I pinned your idea on Pinterest: I've been having fun reading your blog!


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