Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30th Birthday Gift for Him

August 1st was my husbands 30th birthday.  I wanted to throw him a big party but I was 38 weeks pregnant and wanted to keep our house clean before the baby arrives.  So, in order to make it a special birthday for him I decided to give him a present a day for 30 days leading up to his birthday.  I started shopping months ago for gifts.  Each morning (as long as I was awake) I gave him a gift with a note attached to it.  Each note started with "I love you because...".  I plan on making all the love notes into a book for him.  We ended the month of celebrations with a night out with his friends. I think hubs enjoyed his birthday month and all of his gifts.  But, I know his best present of all is going to be arriving this Friday, 10 days late.  

Happy 30th Love! 

The gifts were small and big. 
Gift Ideas: 
gift certificates (car wash, coffee, movies, i tunes)
polo shirt
phone armband
USF football gear
coffee cups & coffee (we'll have a newborn soon)
favorites (candy, gum, snacks, beer)
running shoes


  1. What type of gifts are mostly liked by him? your ideas about gifts are interesting.

  2. That was a nice birthday gift ideas for your loved one. Thanks for sharing!

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