Thursday, February 14, 2013

Candy Heart Valentine Frame

Here is a simple and cute Valentine's decoration for your house. 

8x10 frame
candy hearts
heart tracer
red cardstock (or your color choice)
hot glue

How it's done....
1. Take the paper out of the frame. 

I made sure the background paper was the same size as the paper I was taking out.
2.  I used my Crucit to cut out a heart tracer.  I glued the tracker onto the background paper I chose, which was red card stock. 

3. Put the frame back together.  

4. Line up the hearts on the tracer.  I made sure to put them all on BEFORE I started gluing. 
Once everything was the way I wanted it, I glued down the hearts one by one (with hot glue). 

Once they are all glued down, you're done! 

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