Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cross Door Hanger

Earlier this month, my daughter was baptized.
I love to throw a party and couldn't wait to host one after her baptism.   
As soon as the Christmas decorations were put away, I got to planning.  
The colors were light pink and white.  
I always have a festive door hanger when I host parties. 
So to go with the colors and theme of the party, I decided to make a cross door hanger. 

Hot Glue
Embellishments (pearls)
Scissors or Cricut 

How I Did It: 
I printed a cross pattern that I found online. 
 I just Googled cross pattern and printed the first one I came across. 
Then I cut it out and traced it onto a piece of cardboard (an old Crate and Barrel box)

I cut out the cross.  Strong scissors will be a big help. 

Then I started wrapping my white yarn around the cross. 

I continued around all the sides and did a few crosses in the middle.  
The middle was not covered completely. 

After all the sides of the cross were covered with yarn, I worked on the center. 
I used my Cricut to cut out a circle for the center.  
Then, I printed her monogram on white cardstock. 
I cut it out and glued it onto the bigger circle.  
Then, I glued little craft pearls around the outside.  
To finish it off, I took a piece of pink yarn and hot glued it to the top of the back side of the cross. 
I tied it into a knot and used that to hang it off the door hanger.  

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