Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crock Pot Pulled Pork

I'm always looking for simple crock pot meals.  I plan at least two crock pot meals a week and look forward to those days.  It saves me so much time in the kitchen and most crock pot meals provide a good amount of leftovers.  This recipe was found on Pinterest.  

 Results:  As good as some of the pork I've bought at some of our favorite restaraunts.  Actually, better than a recent pulled pork sandwich I had at Smokey Bones.  I only used 4 pork chops so I cut the water down to 1/3 of a cup.  I also used my go to BBQ sauce, Sweet Baby Rays.  I was completely surprised at how well the "pulled" method was using my Kitchenaid mixer.  Honestly, I knew this recipe was either going to be a big hit or a flop.  I'm thrilled it was so delicious because it was so easy.  We had this the first night with baked beans and veggies.  Then, two nights later on sandwich buns.  Winner right here!

Easy BBQ Pulled Pork 
Courtesy of S.Winston Lane

6 boneless center cut chops
1/2 cup water
Spices-I used a southwestern spice mix and fresh ground black pepper on the chops before putting them in the slow cooker 
Sliced onions
~Half bottle BBQ sauce of choice 

Pour water and some BBQ sauce into slow cooker, stir well. 
Place one layer of chops inside slow cooker. Mine allowed for three across. 
Put some sauce and onions on top of first layer, then add another layer of chops followed by more onions and sauce. I set mine to cook on low for 7 hours. 

At the end of the 7 hours, use a slotted spoon and transfer half of the cooked chops into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a flat beater. Mix on low until the pork is shredded to the level you want. Transfer shredded pork into another bowl and shred the remaining chops. 

The end result will need saucing. 
This part actually works great because while the shredded pork does have flavor without adding sauce, this gives everyone at the table the option of adding the kind of sauce they prefer. 

FYI: Using 6 pork chops will yield A LOT of pulled pork. If you have a small family or don't want leftovers, I'd do half. 

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