Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Valentine's Snack Mix

Now that we're into the new year, I've already started thinking about Valentine's Day. This year I'm planning on hosting a Valentine's Day playdate for a few of AG's friends.  When hosting playdates, I always make a snack mix for the kids. 

Snack mixes are usually a big hit at our playdates.  Chances are there is usually a few things in the mix that all of the kids will eat, no matter how picky. Kids can also help to make the mix, which makes things even more fun (and messy!)  I make sure to have little cups or even the small waffle ice cream cones make things fun for serving and even more fun for the kids to eat!

If you're looking for little Valentine's Day gifts, you can also package the snack mix in a cute jar with a tag and you're good to gift. Lots of possibilities, just a few ingredients and some happy littles. Enjoy! 

Berry Kix
Stick Pretzels
Strawberry Goldfish
Mini Marshmallows
Vanilla Chex Mix

Mix ingredients in a bowl and serve! 

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