Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DIY Tutu Wreath

For Avery's second birthday, we decided on an ice cream and sprinkles birthday party. At the time we were living in Texas but decided to throw her party in Florida while we were on vacation visiting since that was where our most of our friends and family were. It was a bit tricky planning and executing a party in another state and at my parents house, but the day was completely worth it! 

My parents have a great entryway that I knew I wanted to decorate for the party. After a little time spent on Pinterest, I decided on a tutu wreath with a 2 in the center. Since it was an ice cream and sprinkles party, I covered the 2 with sprinkles. The wreath took less than an hour to make and cost less than $10. 

styrofoam wreath- 10 inches
tulle- I used two 25 yard rolls 

1. cut 14-16 inch strips of tulle, separating the colors into two piles
2. tie the pieces of tulle around the wreath, making a double knot. I did about 5 pieces of orange and 8 pieces of pink in a pattern. 
3. cover the entire wreath with tulle make sure the knots line up. I moved mine a bit towards the back of the wreath. 
4. trim the edges if needed to get the desired length you'd like and even things out. 

To create a fuller look, you can move the knots towards the front and fluff up the tulle. 

To see the rest of the party details, go here

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