Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Gift Card Flower Bouquet

The end of the school year is quickly approaching. As a teacher, I am counting down the days. I believe we're at about 13 days left. Not sure if that counts the early release last day of school. Nonetheless, myself and the littles are ready for summer! 

 As I was planning out gifts for AG's teachers for the end of the year, I realized I never shared the gift card bouquet I created last year. She was in a small school just a few days a week. As room mom, it was my "job" to put together a class gift to present at the end of the year musical program- which was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Anyhow, what I came up with for the end of the year gift was a bouquet for her teachers. I had all parents send in a gift card in any amount they wanted to give. The benefit to doing it this way as opposed to collecting money was I didn't have to keep track of a bunch of cash. Parents gave what they wanted. The only thing I communicated was what the giftcards were for, preventing duplicates. I collected them for a few weeks and then before the performance, I put together a bouquet. 

Here is how to create the giftcard bouquet. 

flower pot
cut out flowers using cardstock (you can hand cut, use a machine or purchase them)
cut out leaves on green cardstock
styrofoam ball, cut in half
wooden skewers
crinkle paper
hot glue or tape
paint, ribbon or anything to decorate the pot 


Paint the flower pot. I painted a message on the top and flowers with the kids names next to them. You can paint it however you like or just add one piece of ribbon to make a bow. 

Place half of the styrofoam ball down into the pot, make sure it goes down as far as possible to make it secure. 

Hot glue the flowers to the wooden skewers, treat the skewers as the stem of the flower. 

Glue the leaves to the skewers at varying lengths. 

Attach a giftcard to the flower with a paperclip. 

Push the skewers down into the styrofoam ball, making sure it's secure. Do this for all of the giftcards, arranging them like flowers in a bouquet. 

Once all flowers are in, add the crinkle paper to the top of the styrofoam to hide it. 

There you have it!  Simple, takes about a half hour and the teachers loved it! 


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