Sunday, October 31, 2010

Diaper Cake Tutorial

A lot of my friends have just started having babies and getting pregnent, which means more baby showers for me. Recently, I saw pictures on Facebook of a diaper cake at a shower a friend of mine went to. I was instantly obsessed. I was in love with how cute they were, loved that they could be personalized for each mama to be and it was something I could definitely do. It was right up my alley and I couldn't wait to make one for an upcoming baby shower for my friend Danielle. I did a lot of online searching and put everything I learned from many different sites together to create my three layer diaper cake.

1 box of size 1 diapers (I used Pampers Swaddlers 90pk)
1 spool of thick ribbon
1 spool of thinner ribbon
1 stuffed animal or bottle for the middle
Rubber bands
hot glue gun
Plastic cake plates (3 sizes, 1 for each tier)

1. Get plate ready to put diapers on.
2. Unfold diapers.
3. Roll up diapers.
4. Secure with a clip.
5. After doing 3 diapers, wrap a rubber band around a set of three.
6. Line up diapers around cake pan. Once layer is completely filled, wrap a large rubber band around the entire layer. Repeat for each layer.

7. On the top layer, I removed a group of diapers in order to make space for my lion topper. A bottle would fit in this space as well.

8. Wrap layers with ribbon. I needed another pair of hands for this task. I used hot glue to secure the ribbon, but did not hot glue the diapers. I glued the ribbon on top of each other. When you do this, make sure to use a thick ribbon to cover the rubber bands. Repeat with each layer, using a variety of ribbon if desired.
9. Stack layers on top of each other. I made bows to add to the center of where each piece of ribbon met in the middle. Here is the tutorial for making bows.
*I did not use anything to keep the layers together because I wasn't shipping the cake and it was very sturdy as is*

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  1. Friend! I made my first Diaper Cake this weekend for a friend of mine and it turned out great thank to your tutorial! :)



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