Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lamp Shade Revamp



I was thrilled when I found this bright pink lamp for Avery’s nursery at Target.  It matched perfectly with the colors but to me needed a little something extra.  So, I decided to put a bow around the lamp shade to make it more “girly” and also to tie in the different pinks around her room.  I’ve been making bows for a year and a half now, so this was a quick and easy project for me.  If you haven’t made a bow before, here is a link to a great tutorial site.  You’ll be amazed at how easy they are!

Step 1: Measure around your lamp shade, cut your ribbon an inch longer then the measurement. Put that piece to the side.

Step 2:  Using the same ribbon you’re putting around the lamp, make your bow (cut another piece).  The size is up to you.  I wanted something big enough to stand out but didn’t want the entire lamp covered.  Make the bow, but wait to put the center knot on.

Step 3:  Sew (or hot glue) the bow to the middle of the first piece of ribbon (which will go around the lamp).  I folded my ribbon in half first and put a dot of glue in the middle.  Then, I placed the  unfinished bow on the glue. Next, take a piece of string and wrap it around the center of the bow and the ribbon.  This will scrunch the ribbon and bow together, which is what you want.

Step 4: Add your center piece of ribbon, I made a knot.  I hot glued the knot to the front of the bow and wrapped it around the back of your scrunched piece.

Step 5: Hot glue the ends of the ribbon together.  This will make your ribbon into a circle, which will go around the lamp shade.

Step 6:  Carefully slide the bow and ribbon onto the lamp shade and position to your liking.


**Pictures will help so much, I am working on another one and will post pictures ASAP!

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