Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wedding Day Survival Kit

In just two days, my brother will walk down the aisle to his bride. It's a day we've all been looking forward to for just over a year now. We couldn't be happier to welcome Lauren into our family, she is everything we imagined for him and more! It's going to be a beautiful wedding, I cannot wait to see everything come together. Both of my littles are in the wedding, fingers crossed they'll bring their A game...

When I got married just over 6 years ago, Pinterest wasn't a thing. For all of my DIY wedding ideas, I headed to Google. Remember those days?  Seems like so long ago. Part of me wishes Pinterest was around when I was planning my wedding and then the other part thinks it would have made it slightly more overwhelming. 

I'm a huge fan of survival kits. I've done one for teachers, dads and big sisters. I thought it would be fun to add to my survival kit list and create one for the wedding day.  I tried to think of every possible thing she (the bride) could need on the day of the wedding, mostly the "what if" items. Things that someone wouldn't have in their purse or at the hotel. Things like chalk for a smudge on her dress, a small mirror and brush to take with her for touch ups, super glue for a broken heel, tissues for the unexpected tears, bobby pins for the stray hairs and lots of little things just incase. I made a list of everything and the wedding day survival kit was created. 

 I put everything I could find in a plastic container, the size of a shoebox. I wanted the box to be small enough to fit into her bag yet big enough to hold as much as possible. 

You can get your free printable  here

I know I personally could have used a lot of these on my wedding day. Are there any items I forgot?  Any of these you wish you had on your big day? 


  1. So cute! I actually made one of these for my best friend for her wedding in August and it was such a hit. Then her mom brought the cutest suitcase filled with EVEN more and totally made mine look wimpy (haha) but also proved it's SUCH a handy thing!

  2. Such a great, comprehensive list!

  3. Such a great, comprehensive list!

  4. What a sweet gesture! I want to make my bridesmaids bachelorette survival kits for the bach party :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  5. This is genius Leah!! Such a smart idea. You never know when you may need something.

  6. Mother of six daughters here. Great post, great advice! Something always slips up, and having a few simple things can be this difference between a little bump and full-fledged disaster!

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