Friday, June 11, 2010

Pizza on the grill

My husband has been making pizza on the grill for a few years now and I would take it over a regular pizza any day. Here is a step by step of how to make pizza on the grill. I want to note, I did not take part in this dinner creation, this is all him! Enjoy!

Italian Pizza Dough
Pizza Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese
Turkey Pepperoni
Parmesan Cheese
Olive Oil
Step 1: On a wood cutting board or a counter sprinkle flower on the surface and cover the dough with a good amount of flour.
Step 2: Get fist sized balls of dough and roll them into small pizza circles.
Step 3: Gather all ingredients and move out to the grill.
Step 4: Brush olive oil on the grill. Also, coat one side of the pizza dough with olive oil.
Step 5: Place oiled side of dough onto grill.
Step 6: Brush oil on the side that is up and season with seasoning. (We used parmesan cheese, fresh basil, italian seasoning, garlic salt, and a salt/ pepper mixture.
Step 7: Flip dough once there are obvious grill marks on the opposite side.
Step 8: Add tomato sauce and remainder of seasoning to the dough. Then add cheese and desired toppings. CLose lid and let cook for 2 minutes or until the chese is melted and bubbly.
Step 9: Remove from grill and ENJOY!!
**This is what was keeping me busy while he was cooking! =-)

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