Friday, June 15, 2012

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

After making the Kit Kat brownies a few weeks back, hubs requested Peanut Butter Cup brownies.  So this week I gave them a try.  They were simple to make, especially since I used the boxed brownie mix. Hubs and I had them for dessert on Sunday night and they were absolutely divine.  I immediately packaged them up and sent them to work with hubs the next day, or else I would have had a large weight gain this week at the DR! When I talked to him at work the next day he said they were gone in minutes and people requested 9 batches of them.  To say these were a hit is an understatement!   

All you need is brownie mix (9x13) and 2 packages of king size peanut butter cups. 

Prepare the brownie mix according to the directions on the package.  Pour HALF of the mix into a greased pan, just enough to cover the bottom. 

Open the candy and cut each one into 4 pieces. 

Place the pieces on top of the brownie mix.  I tried to place them so that there would be candy in every bite. 

Pour the rest of the brownie mix on top.  Make sure to cover the candy completely. 

Bake for about 18 minutes or as long as is directed on the box.  Le them cool before you cut them & enjoy! 

You could also use the new mini candy pieces sold in the bags but I am not going to change this recipe one bit.  They were perfect they way they were!

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  1. My hubs would flip for these! may make them for him tomorrow!


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