Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BBQ Glazed Chicken with Potato Smashers

I think I've fallen in love...with Kraft Foods Recipes! Which is exactly where I found this chicken recipe. Like I've said before, I don't use the grill.  So I did a great job preparing this dish and let my Mr. do all the dirty work.  The marinade is fantastic.  Easy to make and different from your typical BBQ sauce from the bottle.  I paired the chicken with potato smashers, also from Kraft Foods (duh). Now, this recipe was not as easy as I thought it would be.  My potatoes fell apart and definitely didn't look like the ones on the website.  Nonetheless, they were still tasty.  Enjoy!

Easy BBQ Glazed Chicken Directions:

               what you need

1/2 cup KRAFT Zesty Italian Dressing, divided
4 small  boneless skinless chicken breast halves (1 lb.)
1/4 cup KRAFT Original Barbecue Sauce
2 Tbsp.  orange marmalade

make it

HEAT grill to medium heat.
POUR 1/4 cup dressing over chicken in shallow dish; turn over to coat both sides of each breast. Refrigerate 10 min.
MEANWHILE, mix barbecue sauce, marmalade and remaining dressing.
REMOVE chicken from dressing; discard dressing. Grill chicken on covered grill 12 to 15 min. or until done (165°F), turning occasionally and brushing with barbecue sauce mixture the last few minutes.

Potato Smashers Directions:

what you need

new potatoes (3/4 lb.), 1-1/2 inch
1/2 cup  water
2 Tbsp. KRAFT Zesty Italian Dressing
1/2 cup  KRAFT Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
4 slices OSCAR MAYER Center Cut Bacon, cooked, crumbled

make it

MICROWAVE potatoes and water in 2-qt. microwaveable dish on HIGH 10 min. or until potatoes are tender. Let stand 5 min.
DRAIN potatoes; place on work surface. Flatten to 1/2-inch thickness.
HEAT dressing in large skillet on medium heat. Add potatoes; cook 4 min. or until bottoms are golden brown. Turn potatoes over; top with cheese and bacon. Cover; cook 2 min. or until cheese is melted.

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