Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

I wanted to add a little personal touch to one of my best friend's bridal showers.  I decided to try cupcake toppers using craft punches (seen in step 1).  I've tried toppers before, but didn't love the way they came out.  This time, I had a plan.  I wanted to use scrapbook paper along with white card stock for the printed design.  Here is how I created the cupcake toppers for the shower.  PS.  I was beyond thrilled with how they turned out.  
Gather your supplies.  Two craft punches, scrapbook paper, white card stock, glue or some type of adhesive, glue gun & cake pop sticks. 


 Using the flower punch and your scrapbook paper, make however many punches you need.  One for each cupcake.  

 Design a label.  I used print shop, you can use word or any other design software.  I created a round one inch label and printed them on the white card stock.  I went with two different label designs.  

 Using the smaller round punch, punch out the card stock.  Create the same number as the flowers.  

 Using some sort of adhesive, place the card stock with the design on top of the punched flower.  Make sure to center it as best as you can.  

Turn on your glue gun to high heat.  Place a dab of glue on your cake pop stick.  I use the thinnest sticks I could find at my local craft store, in the baking section.  Attach the topper to the glue.  Set it down to cool/dry.  

  Place in cupcakes and enjoy! 

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