Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flower Snacks

I don't have kids, but I enjoy making things with my students (my kids from 8-2). I often see bloggers looking for things to do with their kids on the weekends and over the summer. I loved to help my mom in the kitchen (from what I remember) when I was growing up. I've decided to add a "kids in the kitchen" label to my blog that will be devoted to fun snacks kids can create with food. This first one was done at the end of last year in my classroom. My students enjoyed it and they tasted good too!

2 vanilla wafers
1 twizzler
2 spearmint leaves
6-8 pieces of candy corn
1 gumdrop
1 tbs. frosting

1. On a plate, create flower with all ingredients.
2. Place frosting on one vanilla wafer.
3. Put candy corn on top of frosting around wafer to create flower.
4. Add more frosting to 2nd vanilla wafer and put over the candy corn.
5. Using a bit of frosting, "glue" gumdrop on the center of the wafer.
6. Place twizzler between 2 wafers as the stem.
7. Using a bit of frosting, "glue" leaves to the twizzler.
**We even added some crunchy chinese noodles as roots.

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