Monday, August 16, 2010

Ribbon Hair Ties

If you're looking for an EASY way to dress up your child's hair ties, you've come to the right place! The only materials I needed for this project were a glue gun, hair tie and ribbon. Use 4-8 pieces of ribbon that measure 6-8 inches long for these ties. You will also need one piece of ribbon that is 2-3 inches for the center.
Using the hot glue gun (carefully) glue the pieces of the ribbon together in the center of the ribbon. I took my thickest piece of ribbon and glued the other pieces onto it. I overlapped them so that they would noticeably stick out.
Take the smaller piece and glue it in the middle of the ribbon.
Put the hair tie on top of the middle piece you just glued. Glue the ribbon around the hair tie (wrap it around and glue it down).

TADA...your finished product!**This hair tie was measured to 10 inches. I suggest 6-8 inches, this one was too long.
Another Example:

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